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    October 22, 2012
    10:00 - 11:00am EDT  

good morning. i'm chris jansing. tonight is the candidates' last chance to reach millions of people unfiltered and potentially move the polls. right now those polls couldn't be any closer. the very latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll showing it dead even. mitt romney and his family are already in florida where they
had dinner together last night. the president leaves for boca raton next hour. tonight's 90-minute debate is expected to be maybe a little less fiery than the last encounter if for no other reason they don't have a chance to circle each other. they will be setted at the table with bill schieffer. this morning their surrogates gave us a preview. >> it's really important that we not politicize this process. at other times a tragedy, 9/11 the country came together. it's unfortunate those across the aisle are dividing us apart. >> he's asking the president of the united states to get to the bottom why there's this fog around his administration since september 11th. >> i want to bring in matt winter elch and eleanor pike. foreign policy debate would seem
to favor the incumbent because he's the commander-in-chief, he's been immersed in all of this for the last four years. matt, what will you be looking for? >> i want to see if romney can put the incumbent on his heels. the incumbent usually has the advantage but it's been a rough month for obama here. the last debate romney completely bungled the libya attack. >> two missteps, one was coming out too early. >> we processed and moved on from. he had a two minute time to really hit the president on this and instead he was talking about israel and about being a strong horse in the middle east. he really screwed it up. it will be interesting to see whether he learns from his mistake and actually comes up with a coaching critique including coming back at the president when the president plays the how dare you accuse me of politicizing this card. >> it does seem to me, erin in the first debate mitt romney did very well in that people found him much more likeable.
they could see him as a commander-in-chief. there was a lot of push back after the second debate that maybe and he was little rude, a little pushy, maybe a little too tough. does he have to sort of find a middle ground tonight? >> he probably does, i would say so. romney is still trying to pass the commander-in-chief test. i think the president will probably say that mitt romney is using president bush's advisers and that mitt romney is a hawk who will be quicker to get the country into war between. he'll say that mitt romney is likely to get the country into war with iran because he's such a hawk. we'll look for the president to go on offense against mitt romney on foreign policy. >> let's talk a little more about the president and his strategy and maybe we got at least in a joke a little preview of it at the al smith dinner. take a listen. >> monday's debate is different
because the topic is foreign policy. spoiler alert, we got bin laden. >> so i'm guessing we'll hear that again. how many times and what does the president have to do? >> yeah, you know, i think the president has to passaic some kind of a case there's coherence to his foreign policy form. there's a biting essay in foreign policy by one of his own advisers who said there's complete into her rens in philosophy and practice in the president's application of foreign policy. i look for mitt romney to quote from that. but he will, i think, right, hit romney for having what's essentially a more interventionist foreign policy. what goes unspoken here or unsaid in a bipartisan election the way we have right now there is no voice for people saying we're over stretched. maybe we can't control, dictate the world's event as it happens. there's not going voice for that
to the extent it is. it will be obama more than romney which is a failed opportune for romney. >> there's bean suing fwegs that a lot of the strategy on both side is to turn many of these foreign policy issues into economic arguments. how much will we see that? >> i've heard from republicans who are privy to mitt romney's debate preparations yes it will be mitt romney who will try to turn every answer he can back to the my. i heard people close to president obama's campaign that he'll try do that too because he has to pivot to a closing message and he needs to start talking about the economy. of course we've seen economic indicators over the past couple of weeks that actually look pretty good for the economy so i expect that president obama will play those up too. but it's going mitt romney who will want to talk more about the economy. >> i want to bring in reince preibus, chairman of the republican committee. good morning. lot to get. a line we keep hearing is that mitt romney was the first to
politicize libya. if that comes up tonight how does he respond? >> you know, i think it's just a matter of what our view is of america in the world and northern africa and the middle east and i think that the problem that we have in libya is not trying to politicize a terrible tragedy because bad things do happen and that doesn't mean in and of itself that somebody is a bad leader. that's not the point. i think the issue here is we got an episode of the keystone cops that are unfolding where you've got the state department saying one thing, you've got embassies saying another, you got the president, jay carney, ambassador rice saying something different and they are all pointing fingers at each other. i mean, it's getting to be assad situation and the president is in the middle it and he just has to come clean with the american people and quit trying to hide behind, you know, different people and different people's
stories. it's a question of leadership. it's the same issue that we got on domestic policy as well. you can bring the situation libya into the political discussion based on the fact that, you know, the take that this president has used in hiding behind other people is something that i just don't think it flies with the american people. >> let me ask you about leadership. the first two debates showed one, people are paying attention, 65, 67 million people for those debates and two, to some extent they can move the needle in the polls and conventional wisdom is foreign policy debates as we were saying favor the incumbent. but i'm wondering tonight as people look at this and this is their last big chance to hear from them as we said unfiltered, is it about very specific answers or is it about this somewhat intangible thing about leadership b-a candidate's temperament, about their command of the fact? >> you know, chris, it's a
little of both and i can't remember who on your panel just now said something earlier that's very smart which is the reason that -- >> everything our panel says is smart but go ahead. >> okay. i just think that the reason governor romney's bounce is lasting and it's real through the debates is that people had a chance to see him really for the first time ununtfiltered. they've been told for a year that he's a monster and he has these horrible views and he's not a real guy that cares about people. what people have seen is wait a second, here's a reasonable intelligent guy that cares about this country, and he looks like a president, he sounds like a president, and i think he can lead this country. >> it does seem though, and i know you've looked that. >> there's a huge difference. >> the problem for mitt romney in power line which just came out this morning is his
favoritability rating, still under water 34% to 49%. not as good as the president. snooch better. >> and obama leads romney on 13 of 17 categories. basically people don't find him as likeable and they fine him less likely to defend the middle class. are those perception his achilles heel and can he turn them around? >> he's already turned them around. you may be pointing to one poll and showing a couple of numbers. the fact is as compared to where these numbers were before after hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising by barack obama is flushed down the toilet. people are liking what they are seeing with mitt romney. that's why we're having a lasting bump through the debates people are seeing mitt romney for who he is which is a reasonable intelligent guy. now the media, you know, their next take is mitt has run to the
center. no he hasn't. the fact of the matter is the narrative that barack obama has put out there is the narrative that the american people was seeing wasn't true and that's why mitt romney is doing well in the polls is that people see him as a person that can lead this country and make a difference and i think tonight's going to be same thing again. it's 90 minutes again to be able to put mitt romney in front of the television without a whole lot of filters to show the american people what he's all about and that's a great night for us. >> rnc chairman, reince preibus, thank you for being with us. erin you've looked at the polls and seen it doesn't matter what poll you're looking at. this race is dead even. can tonight move the needle and does momentum favor one side or the other, do you think? >> the romney campaign would say that they have the momentum, but i talked to romney campaign aide today that pointed out in that
nbc news "wall street journal" poll their voters are more enthusiastic than the president's. now i'm on the ground here in ohio and i don't see much enthusiasm for either candidate. i have talked to some undecided voters who say they will make up their mind tonight based on the debate. it could move the needle. >> do you think there's not enthusiasm there because frankly they are sick of the advertising and robo calls and sick of the campaign in >> i think that's a huge part it. now, remember in with 2008 republicans were your forric about candidate barack obama. we don't see the same thing. i don't see a ton of enthusiasm for mitt romney. a lot of mitt romney voters i spoke to yesterday said he's okay but not great. it's going to come down the wire. voters could make up their minds based on the debates. >> that kiko be enthusiasm and turn out obama in this poll. matt still leads by five among registered voters but is tonight
a chance to sort of, you know, close the book on this? >> last chance. the two biggest events so far in the homestretch have been the first debate which changed the dynamics of the real estate and then the embassy attacks and fall quote from them. so tonight is the way to synthesize the two. romney need to make up more ground. nate silver's polling model has obama likely to win by 67%. even though romney has had the momentum, didn't have a really good debate last time around, didn't seal the deal there so he needs to make positive, clear gains tonight to be able to even get to a tie. >> great to see both of you. thank you. police say it could take days or weeks to figure out exactly what happened during that mass shooting at a salon near milwaukee. they say radcliff haughton burst into the azana day spa yesterday morning shooting seven people killing three of them. his wife worked there. she had a restraining order
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. the white house and the iranian officials are denying a report that the two have agreed to one on one negotiations over iran's nuclear program. a senior administration official tells nbc there have been back channel talks about a bilateral meeting on the nuclear issue but no meeting has been agreed to. the romney campaign slammed the white house for leaking the story. >> it's another example of a national security leak from the white house. you know, they've done a lot of that. >> remember when he came to office we were isolated on iran
and today the world is unified against iran because of the leadership of this president. >> to talk about this and the other topics we should expect to hear about tonight in the debate, jeffrey goldberg national correspondent with the atlantic. good to see you. good morning. what do you think does this story about a possible bilateral benefit one side or the other tonight? >> conceivably if the president can go forward to the american people and say look, i've put so much pressure on the iranians that they want to come to talk seriously about giving up their nuclear program that would be one thing but we're not there. the white house is denying it as you pointed out. of course there are also romney advantages to be had from this. one of their themes is that the administration has been naive about iran, that it needs to deal with the fact that the iranian leadership is not at all interested in compromise or
negotiation. lindsay graham an important republican senator said the time for talking is over some doesn't understand why the obama administration would be pursuing this but this is a very gray area. the obama administration denied having these conversations. >> few events have had more conversation in terms of foreign affairs than what happened in benghazi. republicans continue to ham terrify president on what they say was an intelligence failure. do you think that the question of whether and when the use of the word terror, or the word terror was used is a central one or is it just a diversion from a more serious snish >> -- issue. >> i that's diversion. we have many spots around the middle east, around the world. this was obviously a defeat in america's long war on terrorism, on islamist terrorism. but it represents one relatively minor. obviously it was tragic but still a minor act of terrorism compared to 9/11 or uss cole or any of the other things that
have happened in the last 10 or 15 years. i do think it's divisionary. i don't think the romney camp will get a lot of traction that obama is soft on al qaeda. he did order the assassination of osama bin laden. the obama administration is using drones and other methods in half a dozen countries around the world to kill al qaeda. we know this. so it's kind of a stretch to suggest that the obama administration is being soft on al qaeda. >> we were talking earlier about how we expect to see the candidate trying network the economy into a lot of these discussions because this is so much on the mind of the american voters and it would seem that a primary way to do that is on a discussion of china. what do you expect there? >> well, you know, if i were the president's people, ill suggest to him that he bring up the fact that mitt romney said that on his first day as president he would label china a currency manipulator.
the problem with that is that china can come back around on the second day of the romney presidency and say okay fine you want to play that game we're now is going stop buying for instance boeing airplanes and move our business to airbus. the question that obama should want to see romney answer is okay what happens on day two after you label china this currency manipulator and they respond and we get into a trade war. that won't help the economy. that obviously is -- >> and makes him look naive. >> i don't think mitt romney is naive about this process. what they can make him look at is a campaigning opportunityist. someone who will play to sort of a populace urge which is not an illegitimate urge bath populace urge to call out china for its bad business practices but in reality it's very unlikely that any president is going to go out and label china a currency manipulator in a blunt way. >> let me ask you quickly about
the front page story in the "new york times" which is about afghanistan. our new poll shows the president has an eight-point lead on who would best hand tell situation in afghanistan, something that barack obama can capitalize on tonight? >> something that barack obama can capitalize on except for this. if mitt romney to were ask the question or bob schieffer what do you do in 2014 when you pull your troops out we learn the taliban is on the verge of reconquering kabul and taking over most of afghanistan. putting us back where we were in 2001 before september 11th. that's a good question to ask. that's not an unlikely scenario the taliban will come back into power after we leave. >> jeffrey, good to see you. new pictures of fidel castro have been released. here they are along with a newspaper article that he purportedly wrote in the state-run newspaper castro says these pictures are proof recent
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to politics now and congressman todd akin that said something else. he was talking about his opponent claire mccaskill's record. he said she goes to washington and brings back tax and red tape. she goes washington, d.c. and it's a little bit like you know one of those dogs, you know, fetch. mccaskill's campaign emailed that out the reporters as an example that akin continues to offend women. there might be room for unity in washington yet. both mitt romney and president obama praised robert griffith iii during a taped football spot. >> rg 3 hasn't been in
washington very long but he's created change. >> it's tough to you night this city around anything. but rb 3 neighbors it took easy. >> here's "saturday night live's" take on the last debate. >> you got a problem? >> yeah, yeah, i got a problem. i want to know why it took so you long to call benghazi attack a terror attack. you have never used terrorist attack. >> i'll get the transcript. >> governor he used the phrase terrorist act. >> candy, no, no, no. candy, come on. >> i'm afraid he did. >> candy, please. can candy. snl has been on fire. if you read only one thing this
morning, had to pick this story as my most read just because of the title. are you ready? is duct tape the solution to nagging? it's on our facebook page at facebook/jansingco. frank, instead of scratching your way to retirement,
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i wanna show you something... it's my shocked face. [ gasps ] [ male announcer ] get a retirement plan that works... at e-trade. the numbers are in, super p.a.c.s and the republican party are giving mitt romney a cash advantage over team obama in the homestretch. the obama campaign has more control over how their money is spent because more of their cash was donated to the campaign directly not to the party or super p.a.c.s. new filing shows romney has $46 million more to spend than team obama for get out the vote efforts and to inundate the air waves with final round of campaign ads. a decade of war that cost us dearly and now for president a clear choice.
president obama ended the iraq war, mitt romney would have left 30,000 troops there and called bringing them home tragic. he says he's only had four years. that's all mitt romney needed to turn massachusetts around, cut unemployment, turn the deficit he inhearted into a rainy day fund, all with an 85% democratic legislature. some can't live up to their promises, others find a way. >> i'm joined by the information long time senator from north dakota, and by republican strategist former communications director for speaker dennis hastert. good morning. senator, let me start with you. we see that there's this little bit of gap that favors mitt romney but when we're talking about $2 billion on this campaign, through september, is that significant? >> i don't think so. there's way too much money in politics on all sides here. i hope maybe we've reached the tipping point that will demand
and require we end the corrosion and corruption of the way this money pit has developed. you know, you mentioned earlier, the karl rove crossroads, the misuse of 501 c 4s means you have an unlimited amount of money coming from unseen forces. it seems to me both campaigns have the resources to gallop through enthusiast election process and my hope is there's is campaign reform following that. >> the obama campaign has an advantage when it comes to direct control and mitt romney is relying on money from party and super p.a.c. does it neutralize it? >> i would agree on one point, both have plenty of known compete. what's interesting the romney campaign has spent and there's a great disparity in where you
spend the money. it can have an impact. when they both bash each other it doesn't matter that much. the romney campaign didn't spend a lot in september and that had an impact because romney was at a disadvantage. do i think hat the biggest think driving people how they vote is the debates not necessarily atds. i don't think there's a coordination problem to answer your question between the romney campaign and the rnc. they are pretty close together in what they will do. but, you know, at the end of the day it's how the people perform in the debates and how they perform in their jobs. >> a big part of that is enthusiasm and are people going to be motivated to vote in these get out to vote efforts. the obama campaign has been spending a lot of money on its ground game. in florida he has 102 local headquarters, romney has 48. but senator, in the end does the number of offices matter as much as if your people are excited about you? >> well, you have to get people
excited about what you stand for and what you're doing and what you will do but it's also the case that politics is like one of these icebergs with a substantial amount of it upd the water that you can't see. if you're well organized and able to get all of those persuaded you're the right candidate to the follows vote ate big deal. the evidence suggests that the obama campaign has a fabulous ground game in all of these swing states. so, you know, it is a close race no question about that. i think in the end the numbers show now and i think in the end they will show that the obama ground game made a very big difference. >> john do you think that the romney camp underspent and underemphasized the ground game? >> i don't think so. i think that what happened in the last election is senator mccain had a lousy ground game especially in ohio. the romney campaign has picked it up, gone back to what george bush did in 2004.
senator dorkin knows this better than anyone. you need to lead the authors water. they have spent the resources at the end of the day, that's going to be critical because you got to get the people out to vote. >> how important is this debate tonight and in terms of enthusiasm, in terms of changing minds and in terms of getting some of those people we talked about this repeatedly over the last severreceive weeks that wh know is some may well decide not to vote at all. senator what do you think about tonight? >> first of all, i'm curry obvious who is undecided after all of this? it's been an unbelievably long campaign. those who are undecided can't have asteroid hear everything that's been said by everybody. >> especially if you're in the battleground state. >> i think the debates in the past have not been quite so important. in this election they have. both the first and second
debates. the debate tonight on foreign policy will be important. people are tuning in because there's a lot of tension and a lot of atmospherics in these debates that are interesting. tonight will be on foreign policy. it will be a different kind of debate i think and a lot of people will tune in. >> tonight's debate will not stop them, however, john from spending every possible penny they can continuing to inundate the air waves. how concern are your in these closing days that that strategy will turn off voters? >> you got to have the resources to win. i think the senator's point, this debate can be very important. what we saw in 1976 with jimmy carter and jerry ford, jerry ford on foreign policy made a big blunder. foreign policy does -- when you give the reins of government to somebody you have to have the sense they understand how to run the country and do foreign policy policy. this debate could prove crucial.
at the end of the day you both to spend every dime you got get people out. >> great to see both of you. thank you. also making news this morning, cycling's governing body agreed to strip lance armstrong of his seven tour de france titles and ban him for life in light of the new dropping scandal. armstrong spoke briefly yesterday. >> obviously it's been an interesting and as i said other night very difficult few weeks. people ask how are you doing? i tell them i've been better but i've also been worse. >> they found overwhelming evidence that armstrong was involved quote the most sophisticated pea gravelized successful doping program in the history of sports. services have been announced for former senator and presidential nominee george
mcgovern who died yesterday at the age of 90. a public viewing will be held in sioux falls on thursday. his funeral on friday. mcgovern is remembered as an outspoken critic of the vietnam war and he knew what it was to face down the enemy as highly decorated pilot in world war ii. a 9-year-old girl is in a pennsylvania hospital right now after a relative mistook her for a skunk and shot her. police say it happened during a halloween party. the girl was dressed in a black costume, black hat, white tassel. the local paper reports police don't believe the shooter was drinking. surveillance video will be key at the trial of robert f. kennedy's son nirng. douglas kennedy is accused of assaulting two nurses when they tried to stop him from taking his newborn son out of the maternity ward last january. kennedy said he just wanted to get the baby some fresh air. pop superstar adele has
given birth to a baby boy. a family source says she and her boyfriend are over the moon. no word yet on a name but we know adele is an increasingly popular name for baby girls. and still ahead just hours from the debate what are people in florida feeling? we'll be live in tampa. gas prices could drop another 50 cents a gallon. we have what's moving your money. the average cost dropped just a nickel since friday but maybe just the beginning. >> we're hoping so. we got inventories rising now, demand is waning. and so the thought is gasoline prices could plunge up to 50 cents a gallon from the peak and hoping to drop over the next few weeks. it's good for u-good for the economy and when you consider the timing maybe even good for the incumbent in the white house especially as there are several
battleground states like ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin and they are enjoying some big gasoline price drops. we're averaging 3.68 a gallon. expected to fall 3.35 or lower by late november and some regions prices have sunk below $3. good if you can get it. >> speaking of costs, there's a new report, a lot of companies had enough with the legal fees. i thought this was a fascinating report. >> absolutely. you know a lot of companies have been through tough economic times and so it's really sparked a widespread revolt over big law firm fees and clients are increasingly raising objections and asking their lawyers to justify some of the itemized expenses and i guess some of the expenses that are starting to draw a push back is things like food, legal research items and especially the big ones like a charge for your lawyer's first class flight. when you pay a good lawyer $600 an hour or more, i mean possibly
even 1,000 for a dood partner and charging because they ordered sushi you can imagine there's an outcry. we could see the tide turning. >> $600 an hour buy your own sushi. good to see you. the last two debates have made history. they are now in the top ten most viewed presidential debates. here are the top five. bush/dukakis in 1988. number three, ford/carter in '76. bush/clinton/perot in 1992. and the most watched carter/reagan in 1980. almost 81 million viewers. at optionsxpress we're all about options trading.
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it's that time of year, the election lawyer full employment act labor alone has recruited nearly 300 union lawyers to be on call on election day and take calls from voters who have had problems at the polls. with the presidential race likely to go down-to-the-wire there's a small but very real possibility we won't know who won the presidency on november 6th. i'm joined now by "the washington post" political reporter aaron blake. let's show this map, this is nine swing states, charlie cook says this race will go down the wire. how likely is it do you think that there will be an electoral college tie? >> well it's very, very unlikely. this is a nightmare scenario of sorts. lots of things have to fall into place and given how many combinations there can be with the nine swing states that we currently see, it's very, very unlikely we would get to a situation where we would have 269 electoral votes on either side.
>> you outline five scenarios in your article where this could happen. what are the most likely? >> sure. all scenarios assume states like michigan and ohio go for obama and romney carries arizona meenz. first scenario we look at would be new hampshire, ohio and wisconsin all going for president obama. and romney carrying all the other swing states. under that scenario both candidates would be at 269 electoral votes. the next scenario would be colorado, virginia and which is going for obama and the other ones going for romney. a third scenario would be new hampshire, north carolina and virginia all going for obama although this seems unlikely given most people see north carolina kind of leaning towards romney and virginia kind of leaning towards obama. those states would have to basically flip between now and election day. so those are three of the kind of most likely scenarios that we would see a tie one. >> if by some chance we had tie
what would happen? >> well it's interesting. obviously this is something that hasn't happened here. we would send to it the house of representatives where each state would vote according to its congressional delegate, each state would have an equal vote, one vote out of 50 that would determine the next president. this is a scenario where republicans would probably win because right now they have majorities of about twice as many congressional delegates as democrats. now, we don't know for sure that's the case because it would be the new house and not the one we have right now but it's is going very difficult for democrats to come out of the election with a majority of the congressional delegations. >> is the more likely scenario the candidate who wins the popular vote may not win the electoral college like we saw in 2000 with al gore. >> that's much more likely. right now we're seeing in a lot of national polls a very competitive race if not mitt romney being ahead while a lot of the swing state polls show
obama continues to lead at least by a slight margin. so i can definitely see a scenario here where mitt romney wins the popular vote but because the electoral college is the way it is and because obama is stronger in some of these states than he is nationally, he could win the electoral vote without a national popular vote. >> anyone who lived through it, reporting on it, watching it on television, prays there's no hanging chad situation. nevertheless could we have some serious challenges if you have some of these states and there are percentages in different states that are recount automatically kicks in. with these lawyers out there, all that's at stake, could we see a situation where not just 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning on november 7th we don't know what happens we may not know for days? >> after the situation in 2000, of course, both sides are ready for any kind of a situation that comes along. election laws are complicated. there's lots of way to massage
the way things are done. we've seen the voter i.d. situation. there's a lot of lawyers who have a lot of say over who becomes the next president and you can bet both sides are ready to go if in fact we get to that situation, which still is unlikely but, you know, it has happened several times in the last decade or so here including in the minnesota senate race recount which went on for seven months after the election day. >> i think one thing most people agree on is it could be a very late night into early morning on election night. thanks so much. good to see you. >> today's tweet of the day comes from someone with his own solution if there's a tie. joe writes, presidential voting should be in three parts. one, popular vote. two electoral college. three randy paul and simon with the tiebreaker.
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it's the final fight for florida, the sunshine state, the battleground grand prize with 29 electoral votes. the obama and romney campaigns are intensifying their push for votes especially in hillsborough county. that's a swing county in a swing state. >> everybody realizes the tampa area is the dead center of ground zero. >> nbc's ron allen is live in tampa. give us your sense of it. you've been on the ground. what are people saying there in the tampa area. >> a big push with rahm emanuel here the republicans had their convention here that tells you a lot about how important tampa is. and this county. it's one of the few counties in the state that voted twice for president bush and then flipped for president obama in 2008. it's picked the winner in every presidential election dating back to 1960 yebs septembexcept. i want has everything, the urban
core of tampa. suburbs with foreclosure crisis. seniors. lots of students. huge hispanic demographic. all the things that could swing the election one way or the other. the get out the vote effort is very intense. florida is a state that has early voting. vote by absentee ballot by mail and can hand in your ballot next week. election day like in many other parts of the country is the last day to vote so both campaigns are triangle to bank votes now. >> we've been talking about enthusiasm and erin has been on the ground in ohio and said she wasn't sensing a lot of enthusiasm on either side. what's your sense there? >> well a lot of the analysts here say there isn't that enthusiasm from 2008. on the democratic side how could there be when there was such a long primary battle, historic election for president obama. hard to match. on the republican side they've been saying here and other places that they are determined to get their ground game up to
where the democrats had it last time around. they have seen what happened and both side will throw so many numbers at you with some volunteers and offices. doesn't seem to be there just yet. here in florida it seems that mitt romney is slightly ahead, perhaps and the challenge for the obama campaign is to get out their voters particularly students and women who tend to be late decided ers. good luck. that's going wrap up this hour of "jansing and company." thomas roberts is back and he's up next. >> good to be back. good morning. and we get straight to, topping the agenda that battle that will take place in boca. both sides hoping the third time will be the charm with the race for the white house in a virtual daddy heat. third and final presidential debate tonight in the highly contested battleground of florida. will it change any mind out
there? plus has president obama failed to lay out a second term agenda? we're going ask new york congressman charlie rangel as we joins me here. and what women want could decide the presidential election. join me live that and much more coming your way in the next hour. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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